st. Gotthard

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Austria is a nice country to cycle. The roads are good, the drivers considerate and the eastern wind is very helpfull, especialy if you are heading toward Switzerland. But one thing could be improved: the availibility of the internet. I had to wait for 3 days to get to one and to pay much more expensive accomodation in big town instead of really pleasant and cheep Ladhaus in some peacefull village under an ubiquituous mountain. Today would end in uneventfull spinning if after about 120 km, at the foot of small ascent my left peddal fell off. As I didnĀ“t take the pedal spanner (as a result of weight saving) I thought that it ment a serious disruption of this tour. However, I was more then happy to notice that pedal had a hole for the allen key, which I had on me, so in 10 minutes everything is back in order. We shall se if the pedal will last till Gotthard.

Day 3: 164 km, 7h 05min.


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